Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is a series of technical techniques used to improve a web site's rankings in search engines like Google. Identifying good search terms, developing quality links to your website, checking that your website is properly optimized and content analysis are at the heart of SEO.

I already do paid advertising. Why should I do SEO?

When properly optimized, a website will generally lead to more business than paid online advertising. Often visitors that find you via the “organic”, or unpaid, listing are more likely to contact and/or buy from you. Paid advertising, while up and running instantly, can be extremely expensive. Sometimes competitors click on your ads to drive your costs up - this is called “click fraud”, and can be very costly. And once you stop paying, your work on the campaign is gone. SEO is slower to see results than paid online advertising, but the long term effects are much better. It can take anywhere from one to six months to get the full benefits of and SEO campaign, but once you have it, the it's long-lasting, and your competitors aren't able to hurt you. You can continue to build for new search terms after the work you've already done is bringing you business.

Do you use “Black Hat” strategies?

No. Black Hat strategies are SEO techniques that the search engines dislike. You may get a short-term boost from them, but ultimately the search engines will punish you. This means you'll find yourself at the very end of the search results, not a place you want to be. We only use ethical, recommended strategies that search engines approve of, which means you are safe from penalties, and see long-lasting results.

How do you determine the best search terms for my business?

First we'll have you tell us about your business and who you market to, and to suggest a few search terms to get us rolling. Then we'll take that information and put it through our analysis tools to find hundreds of related terms as well as information as to how many people search for them on a monthly basis. We check the competition - other websites that are looking for that same traffic, and determine what the most valuable key search terms are. Then we'll set up a plan that fits with your goals and budget. Once all that is settled, we can pretty much run with it. We'll keep you up-to-date with monthly reports.

How long will it take before I see results?

Sometimes you will see positive results in as little as a month, but more realistically it takes from three to six months to see the full effect. Much of the work is done gradually, so as to look more natural to the search engines, which makes it more effective.

Is there a contract?

When we settle on the services we will perform for you and the time frame involved, we will send you an agreement that spells out everything that we agreed upon. We will each sign this legally binding agreement so that it is clear what our respective obligations are. Once the agreed upon payment is received, work will begin on your project.


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