SEO Experts

Our team stays on top of the changing world of Search Engine Optimization to keep your website working for you. Keeping up with changes means you get the very best results.

Creative Thinking

Thinking out of the box helps us generate more business for you. We are always learning and testing to see what works - right now!

Problem Solvers

Twenty-five years in the computer analysis field has given us the skills we need to tackle any problem.

Customer Support

At Red Dog, you come first. We keep in touch, provide regular updates, and always answer your questions. We don't rest until you're happy.

Our Story

We came about as an SEO company indirectly - after running several small businesses of her own, Carol found that she enjoyed using her computer skills to create her own websites and do SEO for herself. As she began immersing herself in the process, she began to help others with their sites, and soon Red Dog was born. Carol and her team now spend their time helping other local businesses be more successful.

Carol Miller

Carol Miller

Owner, Chief Customer Happiness Tech

Carol with one of her Border Collies, Dare.